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Automatic Sliding Door Operators

We are committed to providing our clients with the latest high-quality solutions at very competitive rates. Gateway Moving Doors along with our trained technicians, owned a variety of high-tech machines to provide our clients the best service of   automatic sliding doors installation in Sharjah, UAE. Our products & clients speak our language.

We will sincerely schedule an appointment to address your specifications absolutely free and unimpeded.

We offer:

●        professional consultation followed by a quotation

●        project planning and design consultations

●        special site assessments and site control.

Our strength is our turn-around time as we work on numerous projects in line with customer demand and needs.

We still keep updated to balance the progress made in Automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors installation in Sharjah, UAE with updated technology. This allows us to pass to our clients the privileges of being technically advanced."

This investment is intended to create a trustworthy relationship with our clients. We can also install them at your place with our own team of technicians in addition to providing the windows and door systems.

From consultation to installation:

●       Our relentless commitment to represent our clients has always separated us from our competition.

●       We prove this by prompt responses, quick lead times and technical support.

●       We are glad to be able to fulfill your demands for perfect Automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors installation in Sharjah, UAE. And we always look forward to meeting this pledge.

●       The various systems available are shown and explained by our consultants. Measuring is typically performed on site, each opening in the window and door is measured to ensure perfect adjustment.

●       We also provide repairs and guarantee the replacement of spare parts in order to ensure high quality standards.


Next to our product, service and support, we stand dedicated. In our application center, our technical staff are delighted to have product presentations and field visits to the site where the Automatic sliding and swing gates have to be installed throughout Sharjah, UAE. We have the experience to provide all our clients with full, competent and unbiased product advice, suggestions and solutions. 

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