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Rolling Shutter Suppliers in UAE

In order to supply and install high-quality rolling shutters, Gateway Moving Doors are integrated. We have bagged a prestigious position on the market with our vast knowledge and experience in the manufacture and installation of doors and shutters. As a leading Roller shutter doors manufacturers in UAE we manufacture, supply and provide the best installation services of our quality standard rolling shutters in the UAE to our clients, we stand at the forefront of the industry. The robust structure obtained due to the use of high strength metals in the making of slate and guide profile is the symbolic characteristic of our motorized rolling shutters. This feature acts as a barrier against theft, destruction & storms and as protection against them. These shutters are also light in weight and can slide easily. In addition, they have excellent longevity and corrosion resistance.


Our mission is to improve our role in all areas of practice, ranging from product innovation, technical upgrading, and job excellence. Also, our company works hard at each level to uphold the highest quality.


Being a quality Automatic rolling shutter suppliers & Installation in UAE, we supply and install a variety of rolling shutters of all types, such as Pull & Push, gear-operated, motorized, perforated shutters, etc. They are made from high quality steel and metal alloys and are used in automotive, commercial and residential applications.

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