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Pergola Manufacturers In Sharjah

The new concept in roof construction is the Pergola. This environmentally friendly framework allows you to access natural sunlight and much-needed ventilation while, with a quick flick of the switch, providing protection from rain. Gateway Moving Doors provides a practical and elegant option to cover a patio, courtyard, restaurant and open-air coffee shop, atrium, indoor pool areas, garden terrace, bar-be-que and outdoor entertainment areas.

By adding life, warmth and glow to its surroundings, it improves the ambience.

The long-lasting consistency and high reliability of Gateway Moving Doors goods are renowned. Easily available and great value for money. Suitable for all weather conditions, it withstands anything from cold winters to hot summers to wet and humid rainy seasons.

With a matching support frame, the aluminium pergolas can be powder-coated in the colour of your choosing, to fit brilliantly with any architectural theme. Multiple banks of pergolas offer almost unlimited choices for design.In terms of patio, courtyard, terrace garden, outdoor entertainment areas, swimming pool deck, atrium and open-air restaurant, Gateway Moving Doors offers unparalleled value and efficiency.


The Gateway Moving Doors pergolas roof is an ingenious mechanism that turns a sturdy waterproof cover into a pergola-style covering that offers illumination, ventilation and a view of the sky above.

With a great finishing touch, our pergola items are very inexpensive. You can add plus points to your outdoor visibility and enjoy gathering below it with your beloved and close ones. Long-lasting longevity, low maintenance requirements and great pergola outlook will give you total satisfaction with us.

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