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Revolving Doors Supply UAE

Gateway Moving Doors has a large and unique range of revolving doors for its clients in UAE. Our huge and satisfied client base praises its robust construction and unique design. We offer the best revolving doors installation in UAE at a very low price.


Features of Special Construction:


●       Circular structure with a wide variety of diameters and rotating internal leaves

●       Internal rotating sheets are available in manual or automatic models.

●       Panels of external curved glass

●       Sensors for Anti-Shearing

●       Push Buttons for Emergencies

●       In order to support disabled people, low-energy push buttons

●       The spinning contacts for attaching the additional accessories


Architectural elegance blends its distinctive nature with the highest degree of versatility. Every aspect of this revolving door is built to meet our customers' needs, from saving energy costs to the use of intelligent safety features. For almost any building, the variety of configurations allows us to give you an acceptable entrance solution. In offices, hotels, supermarkets and many styles of public buildings, you can also find our revolving doors.


Gateway Moving Doors-installed revolving doors will track and regulate access to your facility at a significantly lower cost than staffed security agencies. Suitable for the main entrances with the amount of traffic of a large house. They also help to maintain indoor conditions by blocking outside environments, resulting in excellent wind and noise protection. They are also useful for reducing air conditioning & heating costs. Suitable for office buildings, public buildings, banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, airports, grocery stores, apartments, etc.


We are a leading service provider of revolving doors installation in UAE.  The service provided by us is budget friendly for everyone.

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